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Haarlem als eerste nederlandse stad te bewonderen in vr

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Airbnb Host Haarlem

Door Airbnb Host Haarlem from Haarlem

92 weeks ago.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We ensure that your home earns money for you! Do you have a property that you want to rent through Airbnb, but you don't feel like arranging everything yourself? Airbnb Host Haarl...

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Wanted: Haarlem cleaners

Door Koen Minnema from Haarlem

76 weeks ago.

For Airbnb locations in the Haarlem region I am looking for students etc. Who would like to pick up a cleaning job now and then!



Connect with a Haarlem entrepreneur

Door Klaartje Vreeken from Haarlem

180 weeks ago.

I have a large network in Haarlem and the surrounding area. I put you in touch with the new customer / coach / expert you were looking for.

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Tea workshop or tasting

Door Karin Kamman from Hillegom

36 weeks ago.

Do you want to get to know the world of real tea? And many tests? Then follow a workshop or take part in a tasting. The latter is also possible at your home or at the office (for example, with a Vrijmi...

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Home cook, a wonderful evening filled with a round belly

Door Nils Szabo from Zandvoort

87 weeks ago.

I will come to your house to prepare a delicious supper for you. Expect a culinary and well prepared (read few dishes) dinner to your liking. Tell me what you like and I will surprise you!...

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Electricity Work

Door Ivo Eppink from Santpoort-Noord

51 weeks ago.

Nowadays, half of a household runs on electricity. Not surprising that people quickly panic when they are confronted with a power outage. You can therefore have a fault in your meter or group cabinet p...

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Walking the dog

Door Jort Kesimaat from Hoogezand

1 weeks ago.

Hi I'm jort and I'm 15 years old. I live in Hoogezand and am an extreme dog lover. I walk your dog for free, but I don't mind a small fee. I am happy to walk your dog in Hoogezand or a litt...

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Door Rifka Bakker from Bilthoven

5 weeks ago.

Ik ben Rifka, Ik ben 14 jaar oud en ik houd heel erg van honden.

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Create podcast

Door Koen Minnema from Haarlem

5 weeks ago.

Podcast development, recording, mixing / editing and marketing in Haarlem & Noord-Holland. The most intimate way to bond with your customer!

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Door Pedro Wyns from De Heen

4 weeks ago.

I am looking for a hairdresser who would like to go sailing on the Volkerak with a dinner there ....

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Pipe wire cutter

Door Maikel Sam Sin

22 weeks ago.

Good day! I have a number of scaffolding tubes for which I need a pipe cutter, here are tubes of 21.6 mm, for which I have couplings of 1/2 ”Who can help me with this ?! I like to hear it! Mvg M.sam-si...

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Guitar lessons

Door Willy De Leeuw from Groningen

26 weeks ago.

I have a classical guitar and don't read notes. Want to learn that

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