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Hanneke Bugter


5 hours available

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Cleaning up and disposal

Door Hanneke Bugter from Oldenzaal

1 weeks ago.

I would love to come to your home to muck out the basement closet, tidy up the living room or redesign the kitchen cabinets. I like order and make all the things that you already have come out as beaut...



Painting candles

Door Hanneke Bugter from Oldenzaal

164 weeks ago.

I describe and paint (smooth) candles with liquid wax in different colors. You choose the text or image yourself and I will make a beautiful design in consultation with you.

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Secretarial work

Door Hanneke Bugter from Oldenzaal

194 weeks ago.

Picking up administration, editing texts, sorting, making excel overviews, putting presentation in powerpoint, lay-out work for posters, etc.