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I am a sporty 27 year old from Rotterdam: D Do you fancy a nice walk with a husky OR cat? Which can! Or do you prefer someone to help you translate? Or make subtitles from your favorite movie or series? I have always loved animals, languages and dancing. I still learn every day and like to share all my knowledge and hobbies with other people! Send a message for more information: D

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Walk with dog OR cat

Door Joline Oostveen from Rotterdam

122 weeks ago.

Do you want to take a nice walk with a cheerful, playful husky? Or rather stroll around with a curious little cat? Both are possible! Being out for a while and being able to cuddle and chat with an ani...

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Hugging Husky

Door Joline Oostveen from Rotterdam

191 weeks ago.

What could be nicer for a children's party than hugging with two large, soft huskies? And they also think it is beautiful!