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This year, at the age of 55, I decided that the most important thing is that I do what really suits me. For years I have been the same person as now, but I hardly used all my creative talents. You simply cannot do that if you want to "earn money" and "be a mother". "Making money" may no longer be the ultimate goal. Why not? Because I like to earn other things: meaningful life is many times more important! What I enjoy doing is reading, writing, reading aloud, making beautiful things with ceramics and textiles, playing the piano, taking care of the animals on the farm, cooking and baking, gardening in the herb garden. And everything on my time, if I want it. In this way time comes to me instead of time "running out".

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Inspired reading aloud

Door Leonne Muller from Lippenhuizen

123 weeks ago.

In consultation, a nice text can be found that I will be happy to read. This is also about culture (literature, poetry). But it is social. Being read out can be very relaxing. But you can also laugh! O...