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Bazoeki . from Amsterdam

89 weeks ago.

Why Bazoeki? In the past 10 years, every market has moved with the times. The trust they used to have with physical contact has been transported to an online environment: you can confidently rent a house from a stranger; most people search for market places! Consumers are currently buying a pet online with great uncertainty. There you do not know from whom you buy your dog or cat and you are generally insufficiently informed or not informed about health. It is a huge market that is totally non-transparent & safe. Unfortunately, this has caused rogue traders too often free play in the past, resulting in much animal suffering. We know that the problem is two-sided. In this way we have formulated solutions for both breeders (suppliers) and consumers (seekers). Breeders can distinguish themselves on bazoeki from the rest and it saves their time in communication, presentation online and handling with buyers. The consumer finally knows who and what he / she is buying from. We believe that animals do not belong in the second-hand stuff!

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Bazoeki is het eerste platform waar je op een veilige & transparante manier een gezond huisdier kunt vinden. Bazoeki zorgt ervoor dat jij je alleen maar bezig hoeft te houden met waar het echt om draait: een leuke zoektocht naar een nieuw maatje. Wij zijn Suzanne & Joris en hebben jouw hulp nodig!

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