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Personal Training + Gratis E-book!

Ian Reemer from Haarlem

136 weeks ago.

1 hour of personal training and advice at Achilles Personal Gym in Haarlem. You will also receive a FREE E-book with a nutrition plan! Personal training should be for everyone, not just for people who can afford it. We provide individual support in small groups, where you get all the benefits of a personal trainer, but for a fraction of the price. Whether you are a 'hardcore gym guru' who has not achieved his desired results, or you need a little extra motivation to get off the couch, Achilles Personal Gym can help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We are all Achilles. Over time, we have learned that the Achilles heel is a point of weakness in humans. Like it or not, we all have our weaker points, even the indestructible warrior Achilles. You may see this as a negative approach, but we would like to see the opportunities for improvement and the opportunity to pick up the missed opportunities as something positive. At Achilles Personal Gym, the trainers help you to address your weaknesses through a personal fitness schedule. Perfection may not exist, but we are getting very close! There is a difference between training and moving. At the average gym you register yourself, you get an access pass and you can go ahead. At Achilles Personal Gym you have the advantage that you always receive expert guidance from an experienced personal trainer. Make every move count! Our trainers will help you to learn and perfect the movements correctly. You are encouraged and challenged to push your own limits, move quickly to heavier weights or perform a lower squat. You will see that the results become visible more quickly and you avoid potential injuries, because we help you with the right knowledge and customized support! Don't wait any longer to register. Achilles Personal Gym works with small groups of up to eight people per lesson. Here you can do what you want, without waiting for a device to be released. Smaller groups also means that the trainer has more time for your personal guidance. Choose your lessons and register quickly online to be sure of your place!



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